Olympia Drops the Hammer, a New E-nduro Bike

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Founded in Milan in 1893, the bike company Olympia drops its new version of the Hammer full suspension, enduro eBike. This Italian bike company prides itself on “giving value to the past while looking to the future”, and says this new version of the Hammer eBike is “agile, powerful, and surprisingly easy to handle”.

The New Hammer dons a lower standover than the previous model with a lower center of gravity as well. It uses a 90Nm Oli Edge motor and the latest generation 900Wh PowerNine 900 battery.

Olympia Hammer rear shock and pivot detail

This battery was designed by Olympia to give the rider more power and longer usage time, well above the common standards. This 50-cell battery is said to virtually take up the same space as a common integrated battery with a particularly high capacity-to-weight ratio.

Olympia Hammer back side

Olympia states “this battery ensures excellent integration with motors with power ratings substantially above average (85Nm Oli, and 100Nm for M100), allowing the bicycle to be used without restrictions”. The battery comes with a 4Ah battery charger giving it a full charge in just over 6 hours.

Made from Toray T800 carbon fiber and molded with a Latex EPS Monocoque front triangle and rear stay, the Hammer includes a central progressive suspension located on the downtube giving it 170mm of rear travel. It also has a “forward center of gravity” and shorter stays to help improve climbing. The Hammer uses a mullet setup with a 27.5″ rear wheel and a 29″ front wheel.

The Hammer’s geo adjusts for each rider’s height by adjusting the angle of the seat tube based on size, guaranteeing the best weight balance. The downtube-mounted rear shock helps to bring the weight of the bike closer to the ground while still making room for a bottle cage.

Olympia Hammer flip chip closeup

The geo is changeable with the “Flip Chip” which enables users to adjust the angle of the seat tube and head tube by 0.5 degrees. There are double bearings in both the Horst joint and the fulcrum point of the main pivot in the rear stay.

Olympia Hammer rear end:motor

The length of the rear stay on the Hammer is calculated according to the size of the frame, for example, in size M/L, the stays are 438mm long, in sizes L/XL the stays increase to 443mm in length.

Oli Edge Motor

Olympia Hammer motor front

Olympia has equipped the Hammer with the new Oli Edge motor which they say is compact, more powerful, and comes with a customized cover. It delivers 90Nm of torque and is able to multiply the thrust applied to the pedals by four. The pedal assistance delivery curve has “been improved both at below 50rpm and above 90rpm to guarantee excellent torque throughout the rev range”.

The motor also has twice the amount of torque sensors (4 instead of 2) which translates to smooth and timely delivery for each type of mode. The Vectorial Logic system allows the rider to control the behavior of the motor with precision while adapting it to any required use.

Olympia developed, with the Oli Technicians, 6 standard levels that can be further configured using special software that is supplied to dealers.

The Oli motor has an “R Level” which delivers instant response to pressure applied to the pedals, reaching full power quickly with little effort. The “R Level” is completely free from the “drag effect”, which is the feeling the rider gets when motor assistance instantly ends when the rider stops pedaling, aiding in the rider having a more natural pedaling feel on obstacles and tight, uphill cornering.

Hammer Spec Sheet

*Cicili Olympia reserves the right to make modifications and technical improvements to its products and to cancel end-of-line items at its discretion at any time without notice. Dimensions and descriptions in this literature are therefore not binding.

FRAMECarbon Toray T800 Latex EPS Monocoque Frame and Rear Stay
FORKRock Shox ZEB ULTIMATE 29″ GLB 170mm | Boost: 110mm | 1.8 | T.A: 15mm
SHOCKRock Shox Super Deluxe Ultimate Trunnion
TYPEMid Motor / Torque Sensor
BATTERYPowerNine 900Wh
CRANK SETFsa/Miche 34 T
R. DER.Sram GX Eagle
DISC BRAKEFormula Cura 4 4 Pistons
DISCFormula 200/180
CASSETTESram PG1210 (11/50)
CHAINSram SX Eagle
SADDLESella Italia Model X Comfort
SEATPOSTCrank Brothers Highline 3
WHEELSMavic Deemax F:15x110mm R:12x157mm
TIRESVittoria Mazza 29×2,6 TNT – Vittoria Martello 27,5×2,8 TNT

Hammer Geometry

Olympia Hammer geometry chart

Check out more on the Hammer at the link below.


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